With Great Appliances Comes Great Responsibility

We live in a world with increasingly disposable gadgets. Often the time, energy and price involved in making repairs on a computer, radio or television is greater than replacing the device with a new one. The same situation applies to a car and kitchen appliances. However, in general, these are items to be used for a number of years to justify their costs. To get your money’s worth, such devices have to be maintained and sometimes repaired. The longer they are used, the greater the return on the investment, especially if repair costs to major appliances are kept to a minimum.

What can you do to keep those repair costs to a minimum?

Any reputable appliance repair technician will tell you, “Read the manual.”

Many costly repairs can be avoided if appliance owners understand their equipment Whirlpool Appliance Repair Los Angeles. It isn’t necessary to become an expert, but your friendly appliance repairman will agree that a little knowledge, attention and care will keep your appliances in good condition, serving you at maximum efficiency and lasting many years.

Often the technician installs the stove, refrigerator, washing machine or other device and offers a few minutes’ worth of basic advice on use and maintenance. He (or she) may ask a client if there are any questions. Since most people just want to use their appliances and get on with life, not many ask questions. But if the installer didn’t provide any specific maintenance tips, it is advisable to ask if the appliance needs any special care, just as it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the machine and the literature that accompanies it.

Among the first things an owner’s manual or installer will tell you is to keep the appliance clean. Food spatters left on the range or in the microwave oven just get harder and more baked on with time. The condenser coils on the back of the refrigerator collect dust. The dryer’s lint trap has to be emptied regularly. Dishwasher drains can become clogged. Keep appliances clean and they work most efficiently.

Even though modern appliances are generally easy to use, an owner’s manual offers precise directions for specific equipment and particular models. To protect a sizable financial investment, it is worthwhile to make the additional investment of 20-30 minutes to learn the operating dos and don’ts.

The owner’s manual also provides working specifications in many cases: how hot the water gets in a clothes washer, how cold a freezer gets, how much ventilation a device requires. Often the manual tells what to look for if the appliance isn’t doing its job efficiently, and offers trouble-shooting tips.

Most of us want life to be easy. We want our stoves to cook, our refrigerators to chill our food, our washers to wash and our driers to dry. We don’t give our major appliances much thought, except when we buy them, when we use them, and when they don’t work right. But by giving them thought enough to learn about and regularly maintain them, our appliances serve us better and add to making life easier.

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