Commercial Oven

If you are planning to open a coffee shop, pizzeria, catering house or a full fledged restaurant, you should first plan for the various type of ovens that you would need. Ovens are the most important possessions of any restaurant. You may need several types of ovens if you intend to cook different varieties of food, where as for a pizzeria or a coffee shop that serve limited items may need just one or two types of ovens.

Let us look at different types of commercial ovens:

Pizza Ovens: These ovens are used not just for making pizzas, but also a variety of breads oven repair los angeles. These ovens could be wood fired, brick, gas or electric. Brick ovens are quite popular as they retain the flavor of the food.

Convection Ovens: These are mainly used for cooking baked dishes and are a must for a restaurant serving Italian cuisine.

Conveyor oven: This is mainly used for keeping the food warm. The food is placed on the conveyor belt, which keeps on moving on the oven to keep the food warm.

Commercial Toaster Oven: A toaster is a must for a restaurant or even a small coffee shop. These come in various sizes to accommodate different types of bread. Certain ovens are equipped to bake as well as broil. You can make various sandwiches, pizzas and even warm the food. This is also useful for bagels.

Full Size commercial ovens: These use either gas or electricity. The underlying principle of full size ovens is that it circulates the hot air with in the oven. Therefore, the food can be cooked faster and the taste of the food is retained.

Microwave oven: Microwave ovens come with or without convection. Most of the ovens come with predefined programs, thus saving your cooking time. The greatest advantage of microwave oven is that the food is cooked much faster than in any other types of oven.

How to keep the oven clean?

All the ovens should be clean from the interior as well as the exterior. The interiors should be wiped with a clean wet sponge first and then with a dry sponge. You will need lesser maintenance on oven, if you keep it clean. This is also important from hygiene point of view.

Buying v/s hiring

If you go to buy various types of ovens required in your restaurant, you will need huge capital outlay. You make take up a loan, but then again, you will have to bear the interest burden. To avoid this, you can go for second hand ovens or even hire them till the time your business flourishes.


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